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Hassle-free life enriching adventures to facilitate the human nature connection. Bactrac leads the way in off the beaten path adventures, events and camping experiences in Southern Africa.

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Personal Guided Experiences

Life-enriching travel experiences drives us. We aim to connect people in a sincere and personally meaningful way to each of the locations we visit.

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Geared to Go

Experts in small group adventure travel. We map and lead nature adventures, taking the stress out of travel by curating hassle-free, all-inclusive tours.

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Nature Focused Journeys

Environmental integrity is engrained in our DNA. We go beyond travel to explore and uncover the true nature of each destination.

Guided life enriching adventures

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Bactrac leads the way in off the beaten path camping adventures in Southern Africa. Since 2002 we have operated authentic and hassle-free adventure travel tailored to facilitate immersive nature journeys. We have a lifetime of experience, and our curiosity is contagious.

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The Bactrac Ethos


Off-the-beaten-track travel; explore backroad travel with experience leading the way.


Authentic experiences, personal encounters, and real immersive travel journeys.


Respect, genuine sustainable practices and “Leave no Trace” camping ethics are part of our positive impact ethos.


Spacious tents, comfy beds, hot showers, wholesome meals, and coffee-on-the-fire, even when exploring remote wilderness areas.


Safe and reliable service at the best price with plenty of inclusions and transparency.

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