Biodiverse Camping Experiences

BIOCAMPS are exclusive and comfortable semi-permanent camps, in spectacular natural areas, facilitated by our Bactrac Crew. These camps put you in the midst of nature, while catering for all your creature comforts, giving you time and space to explore.

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Epic Locations

Memorable Experiences

Nature immersion is the antidote to today’s stressful and demanding world. It takes us outside and brings us into contact with our natural environment. It provides an inexplicable sense of tranquil awareness.

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What are BioCamps?

Into Nature

Immersive Nature Experience

Biocamps are geared to get you into nature, breathing to the rhythms of life.


Away from the crowds

Our camps are exclusive to our guests and are specifically chosen to be in secluded locations.


Fully Catered & Equipped

Rates include comfortable tented accommodation, bedding, wholesome meals and use of adventure equipment.

Off The Grid

Away from the busy-ness

Biocamps are self- sufficient, off-the-beaten-path.

Personal Service

Guided & Supported

Bactrac Adventure crew support, service, and guidance.


Why stay in a Biocamp?

If you’re looking for a way to connect with nature while still enjoying modern comforts, then you may want to consider staying in a Biocamp. Our camps provide the perfect balance between rugged wilderness and cozy accommodations, offering you the chance to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing your comfort.

  • Wholesome freshly prepared meals
  • Spacious stand-in tents.
  • Raised beds, thick mattresses, bedding, and pillows.
  • Cosy communal dining tent.
  • Private Composting “bio-loos” and hand basins.
  • Private Hot Showers.
  • Sustainable Nature Experiences.
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