Geared to get out

We specialise in outdoors tented and catering events.

Collectively as a company we have many years of guiding, events, travel, safari, conservation, and hospitality service. This is where experience leads the way, and you benefit from our vast expertise and large network. We venture beyond the norm and can offer you unique support and service.

From a secluded wedding location to a movie-set-in-the-middle of nowhere, silent retreat to epic tented village, solo journeys, or luxury lodge hideaways we have done it all.

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Logistics Management

Bactrac leads the way in off the beaten path adventures, events and biodiverse camping experiences in South Africa. Our team is dedicated to providing you with an authentic, one-of-a-kind event that combines know-how and expertise to craft unforgettable experiences under canvas. Private tent rentals, major corporate events, social celebrations, festivals, film shoots and really great outdoor getaways – we have you covered.

Catering Services

Our services include tent rentals and outdoor accommodation, event planning, catering and glamping. We rent camping equipment in addition to beds, mattresses, pillows, blankets, sleeping bags and camp chairs. With our partners, we have access to locations that offer unparalleled beauty, remarkable biodiversity, privacy and solitude.

Bactrac Accommodation

We offer, catering and décor solutions, access to incredible locations, guided and other activities. We provide the perfect setting in nature, under the stars.

Pop-up Glamping

Bactrac Glamping experience provides unique settings, the simplicity of camping and the comfort of home – cosy bedding – even an en-suite bathroom if required – the best of camping without the hassle.

Custom Tented Village

Pack your spirit of adventure and get off the beaten path. From top end luxury to rustic country and African safari – BACTRAC offers accommodation alternatives as unique as you.

Biocamps | Biodiverse Camping | Bactrac Adventures

Unforgettable Events

The perfect wedding venue, landmark birthday celebration or family reunion – Bactrac will host your festivities and facilitate all logistics. Our tents have the flexibility to accommodate every aspect of your event.

Do it yourself

Rent a tent options

Whether it’s just the tents, or interiors, we offer hassle free, fully equipped options.

We provide the tents, and all the basic furnishing requirements, including linen and towels. The option also exists to include a private en-suite or detached sit-down eco toilet and hot-shower. General purpose tents are also available and frequently required to accommodate dining, lounge, storage, and infrastructure.

Tent Options: Explorer Tents | Safari Tents

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